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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thanks, Everybody!

It's been an interesting month, and I appreciate having been able to hang out with everyone here on PT Blog. I knew that some of the ideas I'd be expressing would be controversial, to say the least, but thanks for listening, and James, thanks for not censoring.

I don't know to what extent I'll be participating here in the coming months. I do have a business to run, private studies, and about ten hobbies in which I'm active. There is quite a bit of emotional involvement, and time and thought that goes into producing articles for a blog site, even as a guest editor. Anyone who can do this for an extended time period has my complete respect!

In the inimitable words of Porky Pig: "A ba beya ba beya, That's all Folks!"



The Painful Truth said...

"A ba beya ba beya, That's all Folks!"

And thank you Bob for putting forth the most excellent articles. Thought provoking, and yes your own personal story of your travels back to faith!
I could have not asked for more!

As to censoring, thankfully it was not needed. Everyone here was respectful if not also passionate in their views.

The world we live in will never be as we personally think it should be. What really matters is the ability to live in peace without waging war on those who differ from us in opinion or believe.
Hence freedom.

Ralph said...

Glad to see the effort and the time/thought put into this, BB.

I think we can gain much by qwrangling with your ideas and trying to gain a better understanding. And we settling down to listen to each other a little better. Good job!

Neotherm said...


I appreciated the thought you put into this gig. Good job.

-- Neo

Allen C. Dexter said...

Good Job. I know what you mean about needing to concentrate on other things for a while, but I'm sure you will be commenting.

I think this blog is an overall success, and I hope it grows. The coming month should be just as interesting.

Retired Prof said...

Thanks, BB.

One of the major reasons I was glad to leave Ambassador College just a few weeks less than 50 years ago was the lack of good bull sessions there. Too many topics were closed off, too many opinions suppressed. Thanks to you (and Ralph, and Allen, and the many commenters to your blog posts) I can finally have the fun of discussing issues that concern those of us who have shared CoG experiences.

I have to admit it would be even more fun if we were all mingling together around a keg of beer instead of each sitting separately at a computer keyboard. But this is better than nothing. A whole lot better.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Amen! A good bull session with a little wine or beer would indeed be a great thing. I've had far to few of those, but those I did have are among my fondest memories. I'll just go get a glass of merlot out of that container in the kitchen and pretend.

Morris Loess and Les S. Moore said...

The atheist/believer controversy heats up way hotter than the wine/beer controversy does.

A pity.

To each his/her own. How cool that can be in theology, as in imbibing.

Retired Prof said...

If we were all in the same room (or better yet, around a campfire) sipping adult beverages, this would be the time for me to tell this parable about differences in point of view:

In my day, back in the Ozarks, people hunted foxes, but they refused to kill them. They wanted to keep as many of them around as possible. What they did was go out in the woods and turn loose a pack of hounds. When the dogs struck the scent of a fox, they would start to bay. The pack usually included at least one bell-mouth dog, and a bugle-mouth dog, and a turkey-mouth dog, and dogs with other fine vocal qualities. Any one of them would have sounded beautiful as a solo, but when they bayed together in a fox-chasing cantata, they could absolutely bring tears of joy to your eyes.

Eventually the dogs would chase the fox out of hearing range, and then somebody would build a fire to sit next to, and somebody else would pass a jug around, and everybody would settle down to wait for the fox to circle back around where the hunters could enjoy hearing the dogs again. While they waited they told stories.

One night Hezekiah Tate (we called him "Hezzie") brought his cousin from Kansas City along, to show him what a fox hunt was like. After the dogs went out of earshot and festivities started around the fire, the cousin laughed in the right places at the stories fellers told, and managed not to wince too much when he took swigs of moonshine from the jug. We all started to think these city boys might not be as ignorant as we had been led to believe.

That was before the dogs came back.

Homer Mahurin was in the middle of a story when somebody held up a finger and said, "Listen! I hear 'em." Homer shut up, and pretty soon all of us could hear them. Homer's bugle-mouth Plott hound was in the lead, and the other dogs were following along, chiming in with their best voices in harmonious counterpoint.

One of the Tillman boys said, "God! Ain't that the purtiest music you ever heard in your life?"

Hezzie's cousin said, "What music? I can't hear a thing on account of all them damn dogs a-barkin'!"

Ralph said...

Prof, I tend to believe there is a God, and what he's hearing from us now is music to his ears.

Thinking men and women(or women and men) who can recognize differences and discuss them openly without attack. I'm hoping for that anyway! :)

The Third Witness said...

Thanks, BB - and thanks to Ralph and Allen in the hot seat before you!

We all know where we’ve been, but it’s obvious we didn’t all take exactly the same route to get from “there” to “here”.

Kudos to James for trying to make this a place where we can chew the fat without geting chewed out. (And for the new header.)

Morris Loess and Les S. Moore said...

Ralph, we think it does bring tears to God's eyes to hear you and Corky brag about screwing with people's minds.

Not of joy, though.

Ralph said...

Morris, the only way to make people think sometimes is to screw with their minds, break them out of a pre-set mold.

It is my firm conviction that if God exists, he put us here to get us to think. No matter what level we reach, there is always that next higher level.

Retired Prof said...

Hey, you two, if there really is a god listening, maybe he appreciates a few dissonant notes in the composition.

And you'd better hope he also likes a touch of staccato.

Ralph said...

And maybe we don't always howl at a fox, prof. Mybe sometimes we're just baying at the moon! :)

The Painful Truth said...

Morris Loess and Les S. Moore said...

"Ralph, we think it does bring tears to God's eyes to hear you and Corky brag about screwing with people's minds."

Wait Morris, there's more!


Dear Morris Loess and Les S. Moore,

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I was opportuned to see the deceased deposit file bearing this huge amount of money when i was inspecting the dated and current customers files in other to sign and submit to the entire bank management for an official validation / re-documentation against the statement approval to the account holders for the year. In a swift investigation carried out by me, i found out that non of the deceased relative is aware of the abandoned fund except his late wife.
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Please i need your urgent response on assurance of trust that you will not deny my right of the share once the fund gets into your account because urgently and to prove that, include your particulars as follows....

We are not done with you yet Morris....

Purple Hymnal said...

Forgot to chime in with my adios; thanks, Bob, it's been interesting! I know you and I haven't had much to see eye-to-eye on, but that's OK too. :-)

Byker Bob said...

Absolutely, Purple. I wish you the best, always!