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Thursday, February 11, 2010


I suppose there are those of you who think I must be intimidated by your constant, useless, and meaningless ad hominem attempts to "put me down".

I didn't suggest this to James, he suggested it to me. I started this out only with the intention of expressing ideas, and it turned into pretty much an insult match. I personally like insult matches.

A bit of my background. As you already know I spent time in the marines. Not being particularly impressed by authority, I spent probably as much time in jail as in regular service. I stood two Company Office Hours, Two Battalion Office Hours, was sentenced to two months Correctional Custody, and stood a Special Court Martial, which I won on my own defense.

The reason I was court martialed is that the marines sentenced me to two months Correctional Custody, which would make most any civilian jail today look like time spent in Paris Hilton(the building).

Since they took my money I said "no pay, no play. I'm going home".

I spent eight months of freedom before the FBI convinced me to return, and then faced court martial for desertion.

As a result of my defense, I not only won the court martial, but the marines apologized and promoted me meritoriously. To my knowledge, that has never been done in the history of the marine corps.

During my time waiting for court martial, I quite literally had to "watch my back". At one point, five marines gathered, and tried to "adjust my attitude". They caught me on a good day , but not for them. At that time, I was deadlifting 500 lbs, squatting 600, bench pressing over 300, and I ran 8 miles a day for good measure. It wasn't much of a problem for me to throw two average marines like a baseball. When those five marines came at me, and of course not realizing the fed up state of mind I was in, to paraphrase Clint Eastwood, they "made my day".

You think your puny garbage bothers me? I've had REAL harassment from experts.

You think I'm crazy? I'm an ex-marine. Of course I'm crazy.

A side story of interest. After i won my court martial, I was assigned a room in the 22 area at Camp Pendleton, Ca. We were given rooms much like an average motel room, and three marines lived in each room. Me, I like to make things shine. Spit and polish really suits my nature. On Thursdays, we had to 'field day" our rooms for inspection Friday. If we failed that inspection, we spent the weekend doing it all over again, until the inspector got bored from watching.

I hand buffed the tile floors in my room, every single square, until it shone like crystal. If an inspector opened the door and looked in my room, he saw that almost crystalline reflection of my room perfectly in the floor.

People talked about my floor. People came to look at my floor. Inspectors used my floor as an example of what floors should look like.

And then one day the company sergeant, who was responsible for inspecting rooms, decided he wanted my floor. I was ordered to move out. As the sergeant moved in , I told him, "You know, sergeant, that i won that court martial. Nobody in the history of the marines has ever done that.
You really should re-consider, sergeant, because somebody up there really likes me".

Of course I was joking. The sergeant smirked and said "Yeah, right".

That night, after the sergeant and i got re-settled in our new rooms, a toad strangling rain came. It poured torrents almost all night, in Southern California, where everyone who lived there back in the 70's knows, as the old song said "It never rains in Southern California".

I had been moved to the front of the building, where the rain simply drained away. I was high and dry. But in my old room, on the back side of the building, rain and slime and mud ran under the threshold guard of the Sergeant's door, and he awakened that morning to about two inches of mud and slime and ooze all over his floor.

I walked by and saw him sweeping the filth off the floor, and I said "Sergeant, I told you somebody up there likes me!".

He grinned sheepishly and said "I'm startin' to believe it".

That's a true story. Am I threatening you with "God"? Of course not. Just wanted you hecklers out there to know, unless James decides to cut me off, I'm looking forward to March even more than you!


The Painful Truth said...


Well having got to know you these past six months, I must say that I had a hard time understanding you at first. Until I spent the time to figure out where you were coming from, I had reservations.

To those out there in the land of ex-cog's, all you have to do is to get to know Ralph a bit. I spent a lot of time questioning his premise as to the bible and the bill of rights and other items submitted to the PT. It turns out the man DOES know what he speaks of. This is not an exercise in futility unless you make it that way.

We understand the bible is bullshit, that scripture is but by the hands of man, their concepts designed within the time they lived in. If you use what the bible characters said about this or that, then turn it around to discredit the book it came out of, then you are doing what we all have been doing for years. Saying the book is a bullshit story. I can see the bible disolve before my very eyes by the picture Ralph paints.

Ralph has a different approach. I was hoping that this would catch on. It seems it did not. How many here realized how the bible was used in the formation of this country? A few do. Around seventy percent of the founders were of the Christian faith. Where the fuck do you think they came up with the idea of common law or the Magna Carta? The christian religion is the basis for the many laws of the Europeans and Americans.

An American example:

"The Massachusetts Constitution acknowledged the Creator God and his laws of creation as governing mankind, and that the ordinances of God as revealed in the Bible are to be observed in public affairs."

If it is over your head (and it was for myself at first) kindly make an suggestion to Ralph as what your interest is in as far as religion, or the wcg or anything else.

This is the first month of this blog and I hope it will serve the purpose to explain to those in the cog's who lurk, what our common experience was/is about, and for the general education of us all.

Ralph, this is your month. Make the best of it.

Ralph said...

Very nice, and much appreciated.

Ex-Android said...

You said:

"It turns out the man DOES know what he speaks of."

Oh? In the beginning Ralph said:

"I do believe we are born to become God."

How did he convince you THAT was a premise he knows?

Byker Bob said...

Ralph, I believe that although your sources relating to the USA's founding documents and scripture may be different from those of David Barton, your conclusions are basically the same.

David Barton is very controversial, but some of his research is totally uncontestable. Atheists have most certainly spent considerable time worrying about him, refuting him, and discrediting him. To know this, all a person need do is Google his name. He's presented quite a challenge. Ever read any of his materials or watch any of his lectures?