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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paradise Recovered

James here. I received a letter some time back from a Andie Becker. I wish to share an excerpt of this letter here on this blog.....



My name is Andie Redwine, and I am the writer and producer for a new film coming out in 2010 called Paradise Recovered. I was born and raised in the Worldwide Church of God and left at the age of 18. This website was amazingly helpful at assisting me in understanding what had happened to me in the group. Ed Mentell was incredibly helpful as I have spent ten years gathering research, doing some personal healing, and writing a script that I think can be universally helpful to people who have been abused by religious groups.

I am not sure what cast of characters exist on this site these days, as I have not honestly had the time to check the site in over a year, and I am not sure if there are still listservs that people are in. We are starting to assemble some test audiences, and I thought that it might be interesting to have a few of the contributors of this board look over our film and give some feedback.

This isn't an anti-faith film, but it is a pro-freedom film. That is, some choose faith in the film and some do not, and no one is condemned for either choice. But we'd like your opinions on it, and honestly, I made the film to pay back the incredible debt that I owe to people like Ed Mentell and the late John Trechek.

See the trailer here:


Mr. Scribe said...

The quality is amazing. How much did this set you back Andie?

Andie said...

Hi, Mr. Scribe. We shot this thing on a shoestring, but still a goodly amount. Lots of goodwill and in-kind help made this possible.

Mr. Scribe said...

Where can I see this video?

William Ferguson said...

I can't wait to see it!

Let us know when it screens!

Ralph said...

What?! You interrupt my brilliant essays for this? Just kidding. What i saw I liked very much. I don;t think you can have too much of this kind of effort, and I truly hope you have much success in this. In my community we have a cult called "Word of Faith", which is pure communism. The people sell everything and live communally, and they're told what to do and how to live.

They have a ceremony called "balsting" where a "sinner is fastend in a chair and "elders" scream at them to frighten their demons out of them.

The leaders of this group have used their ill gotten fortune to buy up local businesses, real estate, and gain control of the community. I might have to either leave here soon, or lock and load.

Lock and lock sounds more fun.

I hope your movie is highly successful.

The Painful Truth said...

Did anyone notice that the voice of the preacher sounds like Gerald Flurry? And who did he look like at a younger age?

Andie said...

Hi everyone.

We expect a September release of our movie in film festivals across the country and, hopefully, the UK, Australia, and Canada.

We'll keep everyone posted on our website, We can also be followed on Twitter at
We also have a Facebook fan page.

The group that we created for this film was based on Lifton's Thought Reform Model. Lots of groups have things in common with Armstrongism, as I found in my research. Somehow, that was disturbingly comforting -- to know that we are not the only ones...and to know that we are not the only ones. If you get my drift.